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Marc Weisman




Marc's practice focuses on tax law, business law and estate planning. 

He has extensive experience advising on the purchase, sale and structuring of domestic and international businesses, debt and equity financings, private placements, private equity transactions, management buyouts, corporate reorganizations, commercial and business arrangements including shareholders' agreements, partnership agreements, equity participations plans and succession and estate planning.

Marc provides counsel on day-to-day activities for a wide range of domestic and international clients including manufacturers, distributors, developers, venture capital, private equity as well as individual professionals including physicians, dentists, pharmacists and others.

He also has extensive experience advising on international outbound and inbound transactions and business activities including Canadian clients establishing, or acquiring, foreign businesses, and foreign clients establishing, or acquiring, Canadian businesses.

Marc also practices in the area of tax dispute resolution and voluntary disclosures. 

He has developed a significant tax practice assisting accountants, financial advisors and non-tax lawyers assisting their clients.

Marc has completed CICA Parts I & II, as well as Estate Planning Tax, Corporate Reorganizations Tax, Advanced International Tax and Tax Law for Lawyers.


MAY 28 2020

Estate Freeze or Re-Freeze

An 'estate freeze' is a common tax planning strategy. The owner of shares of a private company can 'freeze' the value of his/her shares and transfer the future growth of the company to other family members. The benefit of a freeze from an income tax perspective is that the future taxation of the growth of the company can be transferred to other family members particularly children, thus limiting the tax liability of the owner on death and deferring the tax to the next generation. 

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Cross Border Tax - Regulation 105: Part I

Regulation 105 to Paragraph 153(1)(g) of the Income Tax Act (Canada) requires a Canadian customer of a non-resident of Canada to withhold 15% of the amount invoiced by the non-resident for the latter's services rendered in Canada...

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MAY 29 2019

Daniel LaPlante v. The Queen: Family Trusts and Corporate Transactions Gone Awry

Many trustees do not follow the legalities surrounding family trusts in corporate transactions. On a share sale transaction, the trustees (often one or both of the patriarch or matriarch of the business) purport to allocate sale proceeds received by the family trust to its beneficiaries (often children, grandchildren or other close relatives)...

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DECEMBER 24 2018

The New Refundable Dividend Tax On Hand Regime

Starting on January 1, 2019, Canadian controlled private corporations earning investment income will be subject to a new set of complex tax rules relating to their refundable dividend tax on hand ("RDTOH") balance...

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DECEMBER 11 2018

Dividend Allocations to a Corporate Beneficiary Subject to Part IV Tax in a Share Sale Transaction

OCTOBER 15 2018

Section 7 and "Agreement" - There Must Be a Legally Binding Agreement

In Transalta v. The Queen (2012 DTC 1106) ("Transalta"), the Tax Court of Canada concluded that for the stock option rules in section 7 of the Income Tax Act (the "ITA") to apply there must be a "legally binding agreement" by the corporate employer to issue shares to the employee...

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MARCH 26 2018

Univar Holdco Canada ULC v. Canada - The Relevance Of Alternative Transactions, Subsequent Amendments And Finance Commentary To The GAAR Analysis

On October 13, 2017, the Federal Court of Appeal released its decision in Univar Holdco Canada ULC v. Canada, 2017 FCA 207. The Federal Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the Tax Court of Canada, 2016 TCC 159, and held that GAAR did not apply to the transactions at issue...

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  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Canadian Tax Foundation
  • Ontario Bar Association – Tax, Trusts and Estates, and Business Law Sections


  • Called to the Ontario Bar, 2000
  • LL.B., Osgoode Hall Law School, 1998
  • B.A., York University, 1995


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  • In addition to making contributions to the Canadian Tax Reporter, Marc has assisted on the update of the text: Canadian Tax Research: A Practical Guide.

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