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Stanley Berger



Stanley Berger is certified by the Law Society of Ontario as a specialist in environmental law. He was called to the Ontario Bar in 1981. He joined the law firm of Fogler Rubinoff on July 4, 2013. Stanley was the founder of the Canadian Nuclear Law Organization and served as its President between 2008-2015, and remains a board member. He is also is a former President of the International Nuclear Law Association. He has taught nuclear law for the Nuclear Energy Agency in France and is an adjunct professor for York University's Professional Master’s Degree in Energy. Stanley is the author of a quarterly publication entitled "The Prosecution and Defence of Environmental Offences" and edits an annual review of environmental law.

Stanley represents suppliers and operators in the nuclear industry on nuclear liability, regulatory and supply chain issues. He provides legal advice to the Nuclear Waste Management Organization. Other clients include the CANDU Owners Group and a large Ontario municipality. His environmental practice includes litigation before courts, boards and tribunals, as well as solicitor's work on behalf of renewable energy companies, landowners and waste management entities. He represented a First Nation on regulatory matters relating to a renewable energy project. His practice also includes the protection of proprietary information on applications before Ontario's Freedom of Information and Privacy Commission.

Before joining Foglers Stanley served for 14 years as Assistant General Counsel to Ontario Power Generation Inc (OPG). In that capacity he provided legal services on licensing, environmental assessment, regulatory compliance, liability, security, decommissioning and waste management to the Nuclear Division of OPG.  He also defended the Company on environmental matters relating to the hydro-electric and fossil divisions.  Stanley provided strategic legal advice and representation on aboriginal litigation and participated in First Nation settlement negotiations.

Prior to joining OPG, Stanley served as Deputy Director of the Law Division for Prosecutions for the Ontario Ministry of Environment.  In that capacity he managed the prosecution staff and helped shape prosecution policy.  He appeared before appellate and trial courts and tribunals in Ontario and chaired a multi-stakeholder committee which reported to the Minister on the use by Ministry enforcement officials of environmental audits.



APRIL 29 2020

Nine Partners Recognized in the 2020 Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory

We are pleased to announce that seven of our Partners have been named as leaders in their field in the 2020 Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory. The Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory  is an annual ranking of Canadian lawyers in over 40 practice areas, based on peer review surveys plus personal interviews with senior members of the profession. Fogler Rubinoff lawyers profiled in this year's edition include:

  • Stanley Berger  –  Environmental Law;
  • Steven A. Cygelfarb – Property Leasing;
  • Albert Engel  – Environmental Law
  • Bill Hearn – Advertising & Marketing Law;
  • Eric Hoffstein – Estate & Personal Tax Planning, Estate Litigation and Charities/Not-for-Profit Law;
  • Gary Kissack  –  Aboriginal Law;
  • Kenneth W. Movat – Construction Law;  and
  • Kevin Shipley– Intellectual Property Law


MARCH 30 2020

What Can The Act of God Defence in Regulatory Offences Tell us About Responding to The COVID-19 Crisis?

MARCH 02 2020

The Alberta Court of Appeal's Decision on the Federal Carbon Scheme

On February 24, 2020 the Alberta Court of Appeal in Reference re Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, 2020 ABCA 74 ruled that both the pricing charge on carbon-based fuels and the regulatory trading system applicable to large industrial emitters of GHG's were wholly unconstitutional...

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FEBRUARY 26 2020

The Dilemma of What to do When Authorities Seek Interviews During Ongoing Compliance Monitoring and Investigations of Offences

The British Columbia Supreme Court's decision on the admissibility of two statements provided to environmental officers provides guidance on how interviews should be conducted when there is a dual purpose to the interview-one being investigative and another being regulatory...

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JANUARY 16 2020

In the Sale of Property Responsibility for Removal and Redediation of Underground Storage Tanks Needs to be Clear

On January 9, 2020, the B.C. Supreme Court in Walton v. Warren 2020 BCSC 19 found in favour of the Purchaser when an undiscovered underground storage tank required removal and site remediation following closing...

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DECEMBER 16 2019

Federal Court Dismisses Demand for Investigation of CEPA Violations Relating to Diesel Vehicles Equipped with Defeat Devices

In Gray and Malas v. Attorney General of Canada 2019 FC 1553 the Federal Court dismissed an application for judicial review of two decisions by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change...

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DECEMBER 03 2019

Stan Berger speaks with Cottage Life about a recent Ontario flooding report and its impact on a New York lawsuit

In the article, Stan discusses a recent Ontario report on the flooding that occurred this past fall and its impact on a lawsuit launched by the State of New York against the International Commission on the Great Lakes. 

NOVEMBER 18 2019

Lack of Regulatory Approvals Not Determinative of Criminal Negligence

In R. v. Javanmardi, 2019 SCC 54 the Supreme Court of Canada has clarified that the absence of an authorization, licence or permit is not determinative of a marked and substantial departure from the standard of a reasonable person on a charge of criminal negligence causing death...

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OCTOBER 16 2019

Is an Election an Effective Substitute for The Public Consultation Process Under the Environmental Bill of Rights?

The short answer is no according to the majority reasons of the Ontario Divisional Court given on October 11, 2019 in Greenpeace Canada v. Minister of the Environment (Ontario), 2019 ONSC 5629...

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What Should you Know About the Coming Into Force of the Impact Assessment Act?

As of the end of August 2019, Canada has a new environmental assessment regime — the Impact Assessment Act...

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JULY 15 2019

City of Victoria's Plastic Bag Prohibition Held Invalid by B.C. Court of Appeal

On July 11, 2019 the B.C. Court of Appeal in Canadian Plastic Bag Association v. Victoria (City), 2019 BCCA 254 invalidated a City of Victoria by-law that would have prohibited businesses from providing or selling plastic bags to customers and further would have imposed fees to be charged for paper or other re-useable bags.

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JULY 03 2019

Ontario Challenge to Federal Carbon Pricing Scheme Rejected by Court of Appeal - Where do we go from Here?

On June 28, 2019 the Ontario Court of Appeal rejected the Province of Ontario's constitutional challenge of the Canadian Government's carbon pricing legislation, determining that the law fell within the federal government's constitutional authority to make laws for the peace, order and good government of Canada and did not amount to a tax.

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APRIL 26 2019

Ontario Moves to Update Provincial Environmental Assessment

On April 25th, 2019 the Environmental Registry contained proposals for amending the Province's Environmental Assessment Act enacted 44 years ago in 1975. 

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MARCH 26 2019

Stan Berger speaks with The Lawyer's Daily about a recent Quebec Court of Appeal decision.

According to Stan, the significance of the decision is that they’re prepared to consider proportionality as a factor in the application of section 12 under the Charter, and not under a statute. For more details, read the article: Quebec Court of Appeal decision broadens fundamental rights for legal persons. Can be viewed here: 


MARCH 07 2019

Charter Protection from Mandatory Minimum Fines May Offer Relief Where the POA Won't

A decision delivered on March 4, 2019 by the Québec Court of Appeal in 9147-0732 Québec Inc. v. Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (2019) QCCA373 (CANLII) suggests that proportionality may have more sway under the Charter of Rights than under the Ontario Provincial Offences Act (POA) in providing relief from mandatory minimum fines...

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DECEMBER 11 2018

The Ontario Court of Appeal Limits Relief from Mandatory Minimum Fines in Public Welfare Offences — Where do we go From Here?

The Ontario Provincial Offences Act R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER P.33 (P.O.A.) provides relief from mandatory minimum sentences.

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NOVEMBER 12 2018

Small Modular Reactors Roadmap Published Online by Natural Resources Canada

On November 7, 2018 Natural Resources Canada published an on-line roadmap for discussion on small modular reactors ("SMRs") at

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NOVEMBER 02 2018

What the October 2018 Decision on the Site C Dam Means for the "Taking-up" Clause in First Nations Treaties

The West Moberly First Nations were unsuccessful on October 24, 2018 (see 2018, BCSC 1835) in obtaining an injunction against B.C. Hydro and Power Authority from further construction and related activities on the Site C Project...

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OCTOBER 25 2018

What Can be Done when a Regulatory Approval is Granted and than Withdrawn Following a Change in Government?

In Eagleridge International Ltd. v. Newfoundland and Labrador (Environment and Conservation) 2018 NLSC 180, following a change of government, the new Minister of Environment and Conservation withdrew approval for the construction of a gravel road intended to facilitate mineral exploration on lands for which mining licences were held and ordered that the project be subject to a full environmental assessment (EA).

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OCTOBER 12 2018

What Does the Hague Court Of Appeal's Decision in Urgenda Mean for Carbon Emission Regulation in Canada?

The Action On October 9, 2018 the Court of Appeal in the Hague, Netherlands  upheld the District Court's order that the State of the Netherlands reduce CO2  emissions by 25% relative to 1990 levels by the end of 2020...

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OCTOBER 10 2018

What Level of Information Does a Proponent Need to Start an Environmental Assessment?

The simple answer is: sufficient information for the regulatory authority to be satisfied they can proceed to evaluate their decision to grant authorization...

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Preface, 12th Edition of Key Developments in Environmental Law


Divisional Court Upholds Tribunal Decision that the Ministry May Order Current And Former Owners, and Tenants to Delineate Contamination that has Migrated Off-Site

On September 4, 2018, Ontario's Divisional Court released its decision in Hamilton Beach Brands Canada, Inc. v. Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, 2018 ONSC 5010, dismissing an appeal of a September 1, 2017 decision of Ontario's Environmental Review Tribunal (Hamilton Beach Brands Canada Inc. v. Ontario (Environment and Climate Change), 2017 CanLII 57415 (ON ERT)) in which the Tribunal upheld the Ministry's jurisdiction to order current and former owners and tenants of a contaminated property to delineate contamination that has migrated to off-site properties...

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AUGUST 15 2018

Corporate Veil Lifted In Regulatory Prosecution - Substantial Fine Recoverable From Individual Not Charged

In R. v. 1137749 Ontario Ltd. (operating as Pro-Teck Electric) 2018 ONCJ 502, an appellate court lifted the corporate veil and imposed total fines of $430,000 on the sole shareholder, officer and director of the company, one Antonio Merante, for safety violations under the Electricity Act S.O. 1998, c.18...

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AUGUST 02 2018

Environmental Consultant's Disclaimer of Liability to Vendor Effective Against Third Party Purchaser

On July 23, 2018 the Court of Appeal for Newfoundland and Labrador in the case of Community Mental Health Initiative Inc. v. Summit Lounge Ltd. 2018 NLCA 42 upheld summary judgment dismissing a purchaser's claim against two engineering companies (consultants) alleging negligence in the conduct of a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment performed for the vendor.

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JULY 23 2018

Provincial Mining Exploration and Reclamation Permits Withstand Federal Rejection of Project Under CEAA 2012

On June 22, 2018 the B.C. Supreme Court in Canada (Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency) v. Taseko Mines Limited 2018 BCSC 1034 took a narrow view of the scope of federal environmental assessment, leaving it open to the Province of B.C. to authorize preliminary work in relation to a gold-copper mine project which had failed to obtain federal environmental assessment approval...

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MAY 15 2018

NAFTA Decision Challenging Canadian EA of Nova Scotia Quarry Project Upheld by Federal Court

MAY 08 2018

Dominant Purpose Test In Solicitor Client Privilege Harder To Meet Now

Now that the Supreme Court of Canada has denied leave to appeal in Suncor Energy Inc. v. Alberta (2017) 415 D.L.R. (4th) 499 (Alta C.A.) it will be harder to establish solicitor-client privilege in relation to documentation which was used in litigation...

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APRIL 02 2018

Court Rejects Environmental Consultant's Third Party Claim Against Prior Owners/Occupants

On March 22, 2018 the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in MVL Leasing Ltd. v CCI Group Inc. 2018 ONSC 1800 granted Rule 21 motions striking third party claims brought by an environmental consultant who was being sued by a purchaser of property for professional negligence and breach of contract...

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FEBRUARY 09 2018

New Federal Impact Assessment Act

The Canadian Government announced yesterday that they are proposing new rules for conducting environmental assessments to Parliament...

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JANUARY 26 2018

Introducing An Environmental Expert's Opinion on Judicial Review

On January 18, 2018 the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Sorflaten v. Nova Scotia (Environment) (2018) NSSC 7 refused to admit the expert opinion of Dr. Douglas J. Hallett, a toxicologist, relating to certain environmental aspects of a Ministerial approved pilot project for burning recycled tires as fuel at a cement plant owned by Lafarge Canada...

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JANUARY 04 2018

In A Spill Both The Carrier And The Receiver Are Potentially Targets For Prosecution

Two plea bargains concluded in 2017 by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, one on February 27 for Trimac Transportation Services Inc., and the second on November 22 for Lafarge Canada Inc.

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DECEMBER 14 2017

Sunrise Propane Appeals Against Conviction and Fines Dismissed

Another chapter in the saga of Sunrise Propane came to a close at the end of November when the Ontario Superior Court dismissed all appeals under environmental and occupational health and safety laws from the convictions and fines totalling more than 5million dollars.

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NOVEMBER 27 2017

Stan Berger discusses rising legal concerns around flooding with Law Times

Stan Berger is quoted in the Law Times article discussing rising legal concerns around flooding. According to Stan, “The major challenge when you’re a practitioner in this area is the co-ordination of various levels of authority.”

OCTOBER 27 2017

Ontario Today Releases Its Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP): The Focus On Nuclear

With all the fanfare about renewable energy, the report released by the Ontario Government on October 26, 2017, is illuminating...

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OCTOBER 11 2017

Managing Prosecution Risk When Regulators Issue Permits Or Orders

A recent decision from the Yukon Territorial Court is a reminder of how important communication between the regulator and the regulated can be...

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Environmental Review Tribunal Gives Ministry Broad Preventative Powers Over Migrating Contamination

On September 1, 2017, the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal in the matter of Hamilton Beach Brands Canada Inc. et al. v. the Director, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change made a preliminary ruling that the Director had jurisdiction to make an order under s.18 of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) requiring a person who owns or owned, or has or had management or control of a contaminated undertaking or property to delineate contamination that had already migrated to off-site properties.

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JULY 27 2017

Supreme Court Of Canada Affirms That Rigorous Regulatory Processes Can Fulfill Crown's Duty To Consult With First Nations

On July 26, 2017 the Supreme Court of Canada clarified in two decisions, both involving National Energy Board (NEB) approvals, that the Crown may discharge its duty to consult with First Nations through steps taken by a regulatory agency, providing that agency's statutory duties and powers enable it to do what the duty to consult requires...

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JULY 26 2017

Application For Limestone Quarry Licence Set Aside For Failure To Have 'Meaningful Conversation' With First Nation

In a decision released by the Ontario Divisional Court on July 14, 2017, the Saugeen Ojibway First Nation (SON) was successful in challenging a limestone quarry licence issued by the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry to the Proponent T&P Hayes Ltd. (citation: Saugeeen First Nation v Ontario (MNRF), 2017 ONSC 3456)...

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JULY 17 2017

Federal Discussion Paper On Environmental And Regulatory Reviews

Consistent with my comments offered in May of this year when the Expert Panel Report on the review of environmental assessments (EA) was released, the Federal Government's June Discussion Paper on Environmental and Regulatory Reviews has carved out a larger role for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and the National Energy Board (NEB)...

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JUNE 07 2017

Canada ratifies convention on supplementary compensation

On Wednesday June 6, 2017 the Permanent Representative of Canada to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Ambassador Mark Bailey, delivered the instrument of ratification to IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano at a ceremony at IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, Austria...

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MAY 19 2017

The Prosecution and Defence of Environmental Offences

The 63rd release of Stan Berger’s quarterly loose-leaf The Prosecution and Defence of Environmental Offences has been release by Thomson Reuters.The publication examines all aspects of environmental offences in Canada and draws on case law and directives from across the country, the U.S. and Europe, and key regulatory guidance documents used at both the provincial and federal levels.


APRIL 12 2017

Expert Panel Releases Its Review Of Canada's Environmental Assessment Process

On April 5, 2017 the Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change received her report from an expert panel of four, comprised of three lawyers with significant environmental and aboriginal law experience as well as a retired senior executive of a resource company...

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APRIL 05 2017

Fitness For Duty In The Nuclear Industry : Ontario Court Denies Injunction Restraining Random Drug And Alcohol Testing

On April 3, 2017 (ONSC 2078) Ontario Superior Court Judge Frank Marrocco denied the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 an interlocutory injunction restraining implementation of random drug and alcohol testing of members of the Local until the completion of an arbitration hearing into the validity of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) drug and alcohol testing Policy...

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MARCH 20 2017

Stanley Berger Shares his Perspective with Law Times

Stanley Berger shared his perspective with Law Times  in the article "Company Found Liable for Contamination" which discussed the recent Ontario Superior Court decision Huang v. Hillary's Limited. According to Stanley, the implications of the decision could be significant for compensation orders in prosecutions related to historic contaminations.

MARCH 10 2017

Statutory Right To Compensation For Remediation Applies To Spills Occurring Before The Right Was In Force

On March 6, 2017 Superior Court Judge P.E. Roger ruled in Huang v. Fraser Hillary's Ltd., 2017 ONSC 1500 that section 99 of Ontario's Environmental Protection Act R.S.O. 1990, c.E19 allowed the plaintiffs to recover compensation against a neighbouring dry cleaning business for remedial expenses for the tetrachloroethylene ( PCE,PERC) and trichlorethylene (TCE) contamination of soils and groundwater on the plaintiff's property...

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FEBRUARY 08 2017

Cap And Trade Auction Date Announced

Auction Date: The March 2017 Ontario Auction #1 is scheduled to take place on March 22, 2017 from 1:00 PM Eastern Time (ET) until 4:00 PM ET...

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DECEMBER 20 2016

Key Developments in Environmental Law 2016

Edited by Stanley Berger, Key Developments in Environmental Law 2016  provides expert insight into the landmark environmental law issues of the past year. The publication is an insightful collection of articles and includes: Federal Environmental Assessment Law: Two Nuclear Projects Clarify the Decision Makers’ Discretion, by Stanley Berger and Patents in Environmental Technology, by Eugene F. Derényi.


NOVEMBER 22 2016

Access To Hazard Risk Assessment Report Denied On Basis Of Financial, Commercial And Security Concerns

Decision and Implications On October 13, 2016 the Saskatchewan Queen's Bench in Consumers' Co-operative Refineries Ltd.(CCRL)  v. the City of Regina  2016 SKQB 335 held that information in a major instance hazard assessment report, prepared by Marsh Risk Consulting so that CCRL could obtain approvals from the City and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) to expand its refinery, should not be publicly disclosed. CCRL had appealed decisions by both the City and the MOE to release redacted versions of the hazard assessment report to a journalist under both the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act SS 1990-91, c L-27.1 and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act SS1990-91 c F-22. These statutes, dealing with the rights and obligations of the City and MOE respectively, mirror access legislation both federally and in other provinces around the country...

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Ontario Ministry of Environment Risks Liability Once it Becomes Involved in Remediation Decisions

On September 16, 2016 the Superior Court of Ontario in Swaita v. The Queen (Ministry of Environment ) (2016) ONSC 5785 dismissed the Crown's motion to strike a statement of claim and action arising out of a spill involving the release of approximately 9000 litres of petroleum on Shell property, 100 feet from the plaintiff's property...

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AUGUST 17 2016

Cap and Trade is Coming to Ontario Is Your Business Ready?

The Province of Ontario is introducing a Cap and Trade Program over the next few months to address climate change. If you own or operate a facility generating more than 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2), you need to be aware of some very firm and imminent deadlines and their potential impact on your business.

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JUNE 28 2016

Ont. Court Of Appeal Confirms City Can't Substitute A Different Access/Transport Route For One Specified In REA

On September 1, 2015 we reported in Fogler's Environmental and Energy Newsletter that the Ontario Divisional Court in Wpd Sumac Ridge Wind Inc. v. Corp. of the City of Kawartha Lakes 2015 ONSC 4164 quashed a resolution passed by the City.

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APRIL 28 2016

Supreme Court of Canada Upholds EA for Darlington Nuclear New Build

Despite a dissenting opinion in the Federal Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Canada today denied leave to appeal the Federal Court of Appeal's September 10, 2015 decision.

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MARCH 22 2016

Sentencing Reasons Just Released in Sunrise

On January 25, 2016 Ontario Court Judge Chapin fined Sunrise Propane Energy Group - the operator, a numbered company - the holder of the lease, the insurance policy and the licence under the Technical Safety and Standards Authority, and two directors of the company, a total of $5.3 million for a propane gas explosion...

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NOVEMBER 30 2015

Nuclear Waste Repository Decision Postponed

NOVEMBER 30 2015

Ontario Court of Appeal: Statutory Claim for Damages for Cost of Remediation Not Precluded

NOVEMBER 02 2015

Limitation of Actions for Environmental Contamination: Discoverability



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OCTOBER 13 2015

"Justification" under CEAA 2012

OCTOBER 06 2015






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City Can't Substitute A Different Access/Transport Route for One Specified in REA

AUGUST 04 2015

Valuing Contaminated Land When Remediation Costs are Distant

JULY 14 2015


MAY 14 2015

Environmental & Energy Law

APRIL 30 2015

Environmental & Energy Law

APRIL 13 2015

Environmental & Energy Law

FEBRUARY 09 2015

Environmental & Energy Law

Representative Work

Defence of Biogas facilities before the Normal Farm Practices Protection Board

  • Defence of Biogas facilities before the Normal Farm Practices Protection Board

Nuclear Waste Management Organization

  • Nuclear Waste Management Organization

CANDU Owners Group

  • General advice to the CANDU Owners Group

Nuclear Liability Insurance and Indemnity Agreements

  • Drafting indemnity agreements for nuclear operators and suppliers.
  • Regulatory advice to nuclear suppliers.

Freedom of Information and Privacy Commission

  • Representation before Freedom of Information and Privacy Commission


  • Brownfields

Waste Management

  • Defence of waste management companies

First Nations Partnership

  • First Nations partnership with renewable energy developers.


  • Author of the loose leaf service, published four times a year by Thomson Reuters entitled “The Prosecution and Defence of Environmental Offences
  • Editor of the annual environmental review entitled “Key Developments in Environmental Law” Thomson Reuters/Canada Law Book
  • Lessons Learned from 2013-2014 Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) Proceedings in Kincardine, Canada :Key Developments in Environmental Law 2014, chapter 3
  • Deep Geologic Repository for Nuclear Waste The Canadian Joint Review Panel Submits its Report and Concludes There’s No Environmental Obstacle to Proceeding, Key Developments 2015,  chapter 7
  • Associate Editor of the Canadian Environmental Law Reports. Thomson Reuters/Canada Law Book.
  • Environmental Law Developments in Nuclear Energy, 81 vol.2 Nuclear Law Bulletin, p.55 OECD/NEA, Paris; Environmental Law, The Year in Review 2007 page 17 ed. Berger & Saxe, Canada Law Book , Aurora, Ontario
  • Law Commission of Ontario Report Into Administrative Monetary Penalties for Parking Infractions Included in Modernization of the Provincial Offences Act Final Report of Law Commission of Ontario, August 2011
  • The Regulatory Framework for Financing Decommissioning/Long Term Nuclear Waste Management in Canada, National Environmental Energy and Resources Law Summit, Canadian Bar Association , April 27-28 2007 Montreal
  • Particularizing the Responsible Persons in Corporate Environmental Crime, Environmental Law, The Year in Review 2006, Berger & Saxe, Canada Law Book, Aurora.


  • Canadian Bar Association, Policy Committee 2019 
  • International Nuclear Law Association (INLA), President 2008-200
  • Canadian Nuclear Law Organization, Founder and President 2008-2015


  • Listed as a repeatedly recommended lawyer in the 2020 Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory in the area of Environmental law
  • 2017 Ian Greene book prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement,York University
  • OPG 2011 President's Award for legal service in support of the Darlington Nuclear New Build hearing
  • OPG Performance Excellence and Customer Service Award, 2005 for legal service in support of the agreement with local municipalities in Bruce County for the deep geological repository for intermediate and low level nuclear waste

Community Work

  • Board member, policy committee member Justice for Youth and Children, 2005-2007


  • York University, LL.M Masters in Public Policy, Administration and Law, 2017 
  • Ontario Bar, 1981
  • McGill University, LL.B Honours, 1979
  • McGill University, BCL Honours, 1978 (Max Crestohl Prize for written contribution to McGill Law Journal)


  • Lecturer - Environmental and Regulatory Law OECD/NEA International School of Nuclear Law at the University of Montpellier in France.
  • Stanley lectures at York University’s Master of Laws in Energy Law for Professionals.

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