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Lexpert's 10 Annual Privacy and Data Protection Seminar


Social media sites’ tracking of user profi les, artifi cial intelligence (AI), Big Data leveraged to target consumers and voters, data breaches – all are raising the stakes for privacy compliance. Increased rigour in new data protection laws including the European Union’s GDPR are heightening risk. In today’s information world, organizations are confronted with increasing fi nancial risks for non-compliance and litigation liability. Integral to corporate accountability is the need to deal ethically with the user, not only in the collection of personal information but also in how data is used and protected. However, risks can be managed through effective strategies for privacy compliance and information security. This course is aimed at legal and compliance professionals who need a focused understanding of the core issues facing information privacy and data protection with the objective of achieving corporate responsibility and risk minimization within their organization’s governance practices.

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