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Diversity and Inclusion


Fogler Rubinoff (FR) supports the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) which require fairness and respect to all individuals. We strive to ensure that each and every person in our workplace and professional environment is valued regardless of their race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age or any other protected ground under the Human Rights Code. We recognize that all forms of discrimination, including discrimination against women, racialized persons, Indigenous persons, LGBTQ2+ persons, persons with disabilities, and religious groups, must be eliminated. EDI is intrinsic to the character and reputation of our firm, of who we are, and who we strive to be.

To achieve these important goals we are committed to adopting EDI in all aspects of our firm culture. We strive to achieve EDI in hiring our staff and lawyers, in our relationships and daily interactions with the lawyers, staff, administration and clients of our firm, and in our dealings with other members of the legal profession.

We are also committed to eliminating systemic discrimination, promoting equality, and preventing harassment in all aspects of our firm culture and in our relationships with our staff, lawyers, clients, other members of the profession and the public at large. We understand that ending systemic discrimination and promoting equality is important to the health, safety and job satisfaction of everyone at our firm and to our success as a business and professional organization. We understand that this is not just a professional and legal obligation but also the right thing to do.

We are proud to publicly state the firm’s commitment to achieve measurable progress in EDI. To this end, we have created an EDI Committee to work on key areas that require attention and to review EDI action at our firm and create programs which teach and advance EDI principles for the entire firm.

EDI requires ongoing effort. The view a summary of the principles we are committed to advancing and the initiatives we are working on to achieve them, please click here.

Law Firm Diversity and Inclusion Network

Fogler, Rubinoff is proud to be a member of the Law Firm Diversity and Inclusion Network (LFDIN), a group of Canadian law firms who have agreed to work together to promote diversity and encourage a culture of inclusion in our firms and the broader legal profession, and is a signatory to the LFDIN Statement of Principles. 

Click here to see the signatories to the LFDIN Statement of Principles

Our Message on Racial Injustice

In response to the public outcry against the killing of George Floyd and other acts of police violence against BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Peoples of Colour) in the US and Canada, and in support of the movement against anti-Black racism and systemic racism in Canada, we think it is important to acknowledge that Canada is a very multi-cultured society in which systemic racism exists. We must acknowledge the ingrained biases and lack of understanding that apply to our friends, colleagues and citizens who are members of the Black and Indigenous communities and many others. 

As Justice Doherty of the Ontario Court of Appeal wrote in his decision in R v Parks (1993 CanLII 3383 (ON CA): “Racism, and in particular anti-black racism, is a part of our community's psyche. A significant segment of our community holds overtly racist views. A much larger segment subconsciously operates on the basis of negative racial stereotypes. Furthermore, our institutions, including the criminal justice system, reflect and perpetuate those negative stereotypes. These elements combine to infect our society as a whole with the evil of racism. Blacks are among the primary victims of that evil.”

Fogler, Rubinoff condemns the anti-Black violence and racism that has taken place in cities across North America, including in our own, in recent years. We acknowledge that this is not merely a recent phenomenon and that there has been racism against BIPOC communities since the founding of our country. Through conversations with peers and the extraordinary ongoing media coverage, we know that the Black community across North America is going through an intensely difficult time. We want to acknowledge the terrible pain and trauma that many of those around us are experiencing now, and have been for many years.

Our firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee was formed to make strides towards a more inclusive and respectful workplace for everyone at Fogler, Rubinoff. We send this message of support because Foglers and the D&I Committee want to commit to doing the hard work that is necessary to face these challenges and help to better understand the racial injustices that are prevalent in our society. We will continue to strive to seek out, listen, learn, and integrate the perspectives of the people who are underrepresented, and most vulnerable. We will push ourselves to do it better, through ongoing learning, continued dialogue within our team and community, improved training, and by building partnerships with organizations making important contributions to these issues.


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