Don’t miss out on this compelling discussion moderated by Teodora (Prpa) Obradovic. Tune in to the latest episode of the TAS Podcast, Friends Who Argue, featuring The Hon. George R. Strathy, former Chief Justice of Ontario. Gain invaluable insights on mental health in the legal profession and the challenges of the Right to Disconnect policy. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the well-being of legal professionals and the evolving landscape of our field.

Dive into the dynamic conversation between Ronald Davis and Lindsay Griffiths in the latest episode of the International Lawyers Network‘s Law Firm ILN-telligence podcast — get ready to be enlightened and inspired!

With the ongoing crypto drama of 2022, and the spectacular blow-up of Bahamas-based crypto exchange FTX, the financial world is screaming for regulators to do “something.” Rick Moscone shares his perspective on this hot topic and the need for DeFi regulations with the CBA’s The National magazine. Click here to read Rick’s perspective in the article “Clarity, Please”

Dom Mannella appeared on CSE TV’s Ask an Expert, to discuss with James Black the Listed Issuer Financing Exemption, a set of amendments introduced by the Canadian Securities Administrators to facilitate capital raising with a focus on small reporting issuers.

In the interview, Dom covered the basics around this exemption including: eligibility criteria for issuers; restrictions on use-of-proceeds; disclosure obligations for issuing companies ;role of an agent; investor rights; and, the impact of the exemption, which takes effect on November 21, and has the potential to change the landscape for raising capital in Canada.

Katherine Hensel was a guest speaker at the Law Society of Ontario’s International Women’s Day event where women leaders shared their experiences and barriers that they overcame to sustain their legal careers.

According to Katherine, who was one of ten featured speakers, “Senior counsel are obligated to address the challenges mothers face in the profession and call out any undue new barriers that make it even harder to carry out their legal practice.” To read the Law Times article, click here.

Maurice Fleming discusses the biggest developments that he has witness in insolvency law, including the shift from creditor-side remedies to debtor-side remedies and the embracing of certain foreign legal concepts (and the rejection of others), in FirePower Capital’s podcast, Tales from the Insol Crypt.

Michael Coleman speaks with Queens’ Law about the formation of the Queen’s Chapter of the Black Law Students’ Association

In the article A Grand Idea Whose Time Had Come, Michael Coleman, speaks with Queen’s Law about the establishment of the Queen’s Law Chapter of the Black Law Students’ Association and the role the Association has played in empowering a new community of legal professionals. 

Rick Moscone, co-chair of the cannabis marketing group with the Canadian Marketing Association shares his perspective with The GrowthOp.

Rick discusses the challenges cannabis companies face as they grapple with the regulations and try to figure out how to develop a brand within the government’s restricted framework.

Read the full article: Let’s talk about celebrities and their weed brands. How do they get around Health Canada’s marketing rules?

We’re betting you’re going to love it.

Don Bourgeois talks about gambling law, the legality of sports betting and addressing money laundering in the gaming sector.

Tune into episode 54 of Lawyered – The Podcast to learn more.

On the podcast Law Firm ILN-telligence, host Lindsay Griffiths interviews Michael Slan to discuss discuss the importance of  communication in this time of pandemic, why deep cuts may not be the best cuts, and what leadership looks like in the face of market downturns and global lockdowns.

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