Gary Kissack and Brian Gosse will present at the 29th Annual Conference & AGM for the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (CANDO) which is being held at Membertou First Nation. Their session will focus on best practices in structuring the ownership of Indigenous economic development entities.

Our Commercial Leasing Team will be at the ICSC + Canadian Law Conference. Alex Kolandjian and Aida Nabavi will co-lead the discussion on How to Deal with Abandoned Property and Steve Cygelfarb will lead the roundtable on Top Ten Items for Tenant’s Checklists in Reviewing Landlord’s Form of Offer.

On April 27th David Thiel will share his perspective on what condominium boards need to know when engaging engineering consultants.

This Community Association Institute – Canada webinar will cover the effective maintenance and restoration of condominium buildings and how it can be challenging for condominium boards to determine when to engage these consultants. The decision-making process involves various considerations, including the necessity for a designed scope of work, the need for a building permit, and ensuring that the service contractor’s quote covers the right equipment. To explore these matters, our panel of industry engineering experts will discuss the optimal threshold for engaging engineering consultants and provide guidance on properly defining the scope of work. Furthermore, the panel will address some crucial engineering hot topics such as the aging of pipe liners and their failure as well as incomplete expansion systems installed for fan coil hydronic risers. For more information and to register click here.

Alexander Evangelista will Co-Chair the Ontario Bar Association’s “Your First Trial” program on March 3, 2023. The program features prominent litigators such as Fogler, Rubinoff LLP’s Martine Garland, who will demystify the civil trial process and share their experience and insights on the fundamentals of trial preparation and technique.

Workplace policies that ensure businesses can continue in the face of viral threats have become imperative. Diana Saturno will be part of a Lancaster House Publishing employment law panel discussing infection control and prevention measures as well as flexible working arrangements.

Luciana Andrade co-presented at the NALP Virtual Canadian Diversity Summit as part of the Building a Sense of Belonging panel. Luciana discussed how we can create an inclusive environment for internationally trained lawyers in Canada. 

Martine Garland is co-chairing this OBA program on the top appeals from the Courts in 2022. All litigators, whether in-house or external counsel, will benefit from this update on some of the Court’s top decisions, and their impact on the law.

The definition and scope of digital assets is ever-evolving as technologies develop. Our social, financial, personal and professional landscapes have undergone a shift with the advent of YouTube, Twitter, and Bitcoin (to name a few digital products). It is no surprise then, that the existing legal frameworks are either silent or ineffective when it comes to dealing with digital assets within an estate. 

On November 7, Ashley Naipaul and Kathryn Balter of our Wills and Estates team will be speaking at the 2022 ALCO/Government of Ontario Educational Conference on the topic of Dealing with Digital Assets on Death.

There is currently no legislation in Ontario that governs the issue of access to and disposition of digital assets upon an asset-holder’s death. As a result, estate trustees are left to navigate this issue in the context of privacy law (i.e. PIPEDA), service agreements (which are often subject to governing laws outside of Canada) and estate law principles. 

Individual testators may try to fill the gap by expressing their wishes for the transfer of their digital assets in their will, however, an estate trustee’s ability to implement these wishes is hampered when he or she is not provided with the necessary credentials (i.e. passwords, a digital wallet, etc.). 

Given that digital assets are varied, it is also difficult to assess their value for estate purposes and, relatedly, the extent to which an estate trustee is justified in pursuing access to a given digital asset. 

In this session, Ashley and Kathryn seek to provide an overview of:

At  The Condo Conference, Carol Dirks spoke about effective communication.

Her panel discussed delivering messaging for community compliance and transparency, efficient reporting structure resulting in shorter condo board meetings, the art of complaining to get results and everything in between!

Fogler, Rubinoff LLP was also a Gold Sponsor at this year’s Condo Conference.

Carol Dirks will be on the Condo Legal Roundup panel at this year’s CAI Condo Conference. This informative session will look at some of the pitfalls that are associated with condominium litigation, and how to avoid them in your condo community. Small decisions can have big consequences, and the panel will provide some practical tips and solutions to avoid litigation and contentious situations in your condo.