Adrian Pablo Piecyk

Summer Law Student
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Adrian recently completed his second year of law school at the University of Toronto.

Prior to pursuing law school, Adrian earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts with Distinction and a Master of Arts from the University of Toronto. He specialized in Eastern European history, culminating in a research project that analyzed show trials in the Soviet Union. After applying his research skills in professional land surveying, he returned to the University of Toronto to study law and quickly became deeply involved in academic and community life.

Currently, Adrian is the co-director of the Venezuela Accountability Project, a student-led human rights working group. He also actively represents his Latino heritage through executive roles in the U of T chapters of the Canadian Hispanic Bar Association and the Christian Legal Fellowship.

In his free time, Adrian is an avid reader and board game enthusiast who enjoys playing tennis or gardening in sunnier weather.

Education & Memberships


University of Toronto, M.A., 2019
University of Toronto, Hons. B.A., 2017