Shane Gould

Summer Law Student
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Shane recently completed his second year of law school at Queen’s University Faculty of Law.

Prior to law school, he earned an Honors Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Psychology with distinction from the University of Toronto. He has participated in several moots, including the Canada Cup and Osgoode Cup, and has won multiple Model United Nations simulations. Shane also has diverse employment experience ranging from the financial sector to public health volunteering.  During law school, Shane has participated in student leadership by managing two clubs on campus. This year he worked at the Queen’s Prison Law Clinic where he got to hone his passion for advocacy by providing legal services to inmates within the Kingston area.   After his first year of law school, Shane worked as a research assistant to his Constitutional Law and Public Law professor. One of his notable projects as a research assistant was helping to produce a comprehensive paper on Judicial Methodologies and the Supreme Courts reliance on Purposive Interpretation.  In his spare time, Shane enjoys swimming, listening to history podcasts and reading mystery novels.

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University of Toronto, Hons. B.Sc., 2019