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A National Look at Capital Repair/Maintenance Obligations: Lessons Learned From the Florida Collapse

September 23, 2021


David Theil presented at the CAI Canada V-CON(DO) 2021 conference, as part of a national panel which examined Capital Repair/Maintenance Obligations.

The session discussed how the tragic collapse of a condo in Florida has brought to the forefront concerns about how condos are repaired and maintained. Can something like this happen here, north of the 49th parallel?

The panel drilled down on the roles and responsibilities of condo corporations when it comes to maintaining, repairing and replacing common elements and assets of condo corporations in Alberta, Ontario and Québec. The panel also discuss how this vital work is planned and financed over the life cycle of condo corporations. Who determines what needs to be repaired/replaced; when, by whom and at what costs?

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