Doing Business in Canada

May 31, 2020
Canada Flags on Building


Interested in expanding your business into Canada? Our Doing Business in Canada Guide provides practical information about what you need to know.

Our sixth edition of Doing Business in Canada provides an overview of the legal framework governing Canadian business operations and outlines key considerations for investing and conducting business in Canada.

This easy-to-use guide highlights current issues, regulatory and policy changes, legal precedents and trends affecting business owners.

Our team of legal professionals have provided thoughtful analysis, clear explanations and concise summaries for numerous business topics, including:

  • Form of Business organizations in Canada
  • Directors’ Liabilities
  • Foreign Investment and Anti-Competition legislation
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Securities Regulation
  • Sales and transfer taxes
  • Income taxes
  • Customs and Excise Duties
  • Intellectual Property
  • Investment incentives
  • Immigration Restrictions for non-Canadians
  • Employment law
  • Environmental law
  • Electronic commerce
  • The French language requirements in the province of Quebec

Download the complete 2020 edition.